Hungary’s Parliament Approves Sweden’s NATO Membership Bid

In a significant move, Hungary's parliament has given the green light for Sweden to join NATO, clearing the final hurdle for the Nordic nation's membership in the defense alliance. Sweden's…

By Benjamin Lee 3 Min Read

Hindu tailor murdered in India’s Udaipur over prophet remarks row

Police arrest two Muslim men for allegedly beheading the tailor on camera over his post supporting ex-BJP official’s comments on the Prophet Muhammad. Two Muslim men have been arrested in…

By StarAvis Desk 6 Min Read
Models from Arab heritage started dominating global fashion industry

Arab models are now storming the fashion industry by bringing in a…

2 Min Read
Hindu tailor murdered in India’s Udaipur over prophet remarks row

Police arrest two Muslim men for allegedly beheading the tailor on camera…

6 Min Read
Ranil Wickremesinghe elected Sri Lanka’s new president

MPs pick ex-PM seen as close to ousted president Gotabaya Rajapaksa, a…

8 Min Read
Salman Rushdie attacked in New York

US police confirm Rushdie suffered an ‘apparent stab wound’ to the neck…

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Understanding the Stark Difference Between Rich and Poor: Exploring the Economic Disparities

Understanding the Stark Difference Between Rich and Poor: In society,…

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South Africa contemplates withdrawing from hosting BRICS summit

Potential arrest of Putin at BRICS summit puts pressure on Pretoria to hand him over for trial on war crimes…

6 Min Read

Boris Johnson’s ‘biased’ outburst sparks anger among enraged Tories

Rishi Sunak warned by MPs: Former PM barred from standing again as Nigel Adams resigns, triggering third byelection. As senior…

6 Min Read

Saudi Crown Prince’s warning could pose risk to US economy

Leaked documents reveal Mohammed bin Salman's alleged vow to retaliate in oil production dispute Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman,…

6 Min Read

Hannibal Gaddafi is in hunger strike in a Lebanese prison

Hannibal Gaddafi, son of Ex-Libyan leader, protests injustice with a prolonged hunger strike in Lebanese prison The health condition of…

11 Min Read

Biden was aware of Ukrainian scheme to target Nord Stream 3 months prior to blast

European intelligence service informs CIA of Ukrainian military's planned attack, according to Washington Post report According to the Washington Post,…

6 Min Read

China warns of ‘unfathomable catastrophe’ if confronted by US

China's defense minister, Li Shangfu, emphasizes dialogue with the US at Asia security forum, cautions against 'NATO-style' alliances in the…

6 Min Read

Ein Samiya Displacement: ‘We would rather perish on our homeland’

Ein Samiya Bedouin residents in the face of unrelenting attacks by Israeli settlers on their homes, families, and livestock, the…

16 Min Read

China slams US amid Washington’s assertion that dialogue is crucial to avert ‘critical situation’

China's military officials criticize US Defense Secretary's speech at Asian Security Summit, rejecting accusations of unwillingness to engage in crisis…

6 Min Read

China’s envoy for dialogue to cease Russia-Ukraine conflict

China's envoy to Ukraine emphasizes necessity of halting arms supply to restore peace, urges Kyiv’s allies. In a bid to…

7 Min Read

China accuses US of inciting reckless air confrontation

Latest clash between Chinese and US military aircraft in South China Sea adds to escalating tensions. Amidst escalating tensions between…

6 Min Read