Unveiling a Potential Culprit in Alzheimer’s Disease: Insights from Brain Autopsies

Alzheimer's disease remains one of the most challenging neurological disorders, affecting millions of individuals worldwide. While much progress has been made in understanding its pathology, there are still significant gaps…

By Evan Frazier 3 Min Read

Precision Medicine: Progressing Healthcare through Personalization

Precision medicine has risen as a game-changing approach to healthcare that looks to revolutionize how illnesses are analyzed, treated, and avoided. Not at all like conventional pharmaceutical, which regularly receives…

By Dr. Syeda Sadaf Akber 6 Min Read
The Power of Mindfulness in Daily Life: Discovering Tranquility in the Chaos

Finding moments of tranquility in the whirlwind of modern life can feel…

4 Min Read
Precision Medicine: Progressing Healthcare through Personalization

Precision medicine has risen as a game-changing approach to healthcare that looks…

6 Min Read
Oral health problems of today

Oral health problems can cause a significant burden on a person’s health,…

5 Min Read
The Importance of Oral and Mental Health

Oral health is not just about having white teeth and a sweet…

8 Min Read
















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May Day 2024: A Time for Solidarity and Reimagining the Future of Work

Today, on May Day, we celebrate the global working class…

Understanding the Stark Difference Between Rich and Poor: Exploring the Economic Disparities

Understanding the Stark Difference Between Rich…

World Food Day, 2023: A Commitment to a Hunger-Free World

On October 16, as we commemorate…

Poverty reduction through private sector engagement

Poverty remains one of the most…

Political culture in Bangladesh 

Presently, most of the developing countries…

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The Intersection of Motivation and Emotion Psychology: Unlocking Human Potential

Motivation and emotion are two interconnected aspects of human psychology that play crucial roles in shaping behavior, decision-making, and overall…

7 Min Read

Pandemic’s lasting impact on brain health in adults aged 50 and over

Study in the United Kingdom reveals cognitive decline and working memory deterioration in older adults, regardless of virus infection. The…

6 Min Read

10 Sources of Wisdom: Nurturing the Path to a Fulfilling Life

Wisdom is a remarkable human strength that benefits the individual and contributes to the well-being and growth of society as…

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Eight habits for a healthy living

Living in a busy world with so much always going on can be frustrating and disappointing at times. Even with…

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Cancer patients’ surge poses global challenge, experts caution

Global healthcare systems must brace for surge of older cancer patients, doctors warn. The medical community has issued a dire…

7 Min Read

Social media poses harm to children – US health official

US surgeon general advocates for increased oversight and extensive studies regarding the utilization of social media platforms by minors. The…

12 Min Read

Cancer can be precisely diagnosed by advanced AI tool

As per a study, the algorithm performs with higher efficiency and effectiveness compared to the existing methods. A team of…

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