A Memorable Poetic Potion

A few poems writen by Moonlit, the poet's psydonym, regarding celestial love, passion, treachery and the aftermath.

By Moonlit 11 Min Read

Too much or never enough!

My friend Lana had been staying with her parents since birth. Living within a middle-class income family she was used to make do with whatever they had. Her parents taught…

By Fatimah Aini 5 Min Read
Assyakirin’s gift

My daughter Nadhirah university’s convocation day fell on the 18th of May…

5 Min Read
Too much or never enough!

My friend Lana had been staying with her parents since birth. Living…

5 Min Read
Lessons from letters

So many things were happening in the 70s. It was the rise…

5 Min Read
Cooking is love made edible

Passion is developed from within oneself. Usually, it begins with an experience…

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Lily’s holiday

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Advice from my father

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Myth and Plants

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Reminiscence of Durga Puja

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It took time to reach the main road crossing from the leader’s house in the lane. At that time, the…

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Black Witch

The black witch Have you got to see a witchAround you musing to SatanCooking in a cauldronCalling all hells breaking…

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