Why India’s Modi Failed to Win Outright Majority

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has won a third consecutive term, but it was a much tighter general election than anticipated. His Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) appears set to fall…

By Alexander Scott 6 Min Read

Six Palestinians killed in IDF raid on Jenin refugee camp

Israeli forces enter camp to find gunman suspected of killing two brothers in Huwara last week At least six Palestinians have been killed and 10 wounded in an Israeli army…

By StarAvis Desk 5 Min Read
Ein Samiya Displacement: ‘We would rather perish on our homeland’

Ein Samiya Bedouin residents in the face of unrelenting attacks by Israeli…

16 Min Read
Six Palestinians killed in IDF raid on Jenin refugee camp

Israeli forces enter camp to find gunman suspected of killing two brothers…

5 Min Read
China warns of ‘unfathomable catastrophe’ if confronted by US

China's defense minister, Li Shangfu, emphasizes dialogue with the US at Asia…

6 Min Read
FMs of China, Pakistan, and Afghanistan are in Islamabad

The trilateral cooperation efforts are set to strengthen as the foreign ministers…

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Prevalence of Racial discrimination casts a shadow over Australian Voice Referendum Campaign ahead of vote

Lead-up to landmark October 14th vote reveals deep schisms in society and indigenous cohesion In the lead-up to a significant…

12 Min Read

Key Takeaways from the Vladimir Putin-Kim Jong-un Summit

Meeting in Russia's Far East Raises Concerns In a recent summit between Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un, the United States…

4 Min Read

Biden fully supports Modi as focus shifts to China

US President Joe Biden, with his sights fixed on countering China, has forged a close alliance with Indian Prime Minister…

7 Min Read

Hannibal Gaddafi is in hunger strike in a Lebanese prison

Hannibal Gaddafi, son of Ex-Libyan leader, protests injustice with a prolonged hunger strike in Lebanese prison The health condition of…

11 Min Read

Biden was aware of Ukrainian scheme to target Nord Stream 3 months prior to blast

European intelligence service informs CIA of Ukrainian military's planned attack, according to Washington Post report According to the Washington Post,…

6 Min Read

China’s envoy for dialogue to cease Russia-Ukraine conflict

China's envoy to Ukraine emphasizes necessity of halting arms supply to restore peace, urges Kyiv’s allies. In a bid to…

7 Min Read

Moscow targeted in Ukraine conflict: Massive drone assault

Unprecedented attack shakes Moscow as conflict reaches Russian capital, contradicting earlier assurances. A large-scale drone attack has taken place in…

7 Min Read

Bakhmut capture would symbolize ‘a hollow triumph for Wagner’

Bakhmut, a once-thriving city in eastern Ukraine, has been reduced to ruins after months of heavy shelling by Russian forces.…

9 Min Read

China boycotts G20 meeting in Kashmir

China, Pakistan criticize India for hosting the event in disputed territory. China decides not to participate in the forthcoming G20…

5 Min Read

Erdoğan wins first round but goes to runoff

Turkish presidential election too close to call, Erdoğan and Kılıçdaroğlu head to runoff. Incumbent Erdoğan defied expectations to win the…

7 Min Read