The Best 20 iOS Apps for Kids: A World of Fun and Learning

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As technology continues to shape our world, it’s no surprise that the world of iOS apps for kids has grown immensely. Whether you’re looking for educational tools, games that challenge the mind, or interactive experiences that spark creativity, the App Store offers a wide range of apps for both iPhone and iPad. In this extensive list, we’ve curated the best apps for kids, ensuring a world of fun and learning right at their fingertips.

1. World of Alfie Atkins : Kids

Dive into the playful world of Alfie and his friends. This app is filled with interactive adventures that let kids explore, play games, and develop their creativity.

2. Toca Life World: Build a Story

Toca Life World lets kids build their own stories by designing characters and exploring different settings. It’s a creative playground where their imagination can run wild.


LEGO DUPLO WORLD is an educational game that introduces kids to the world of LEGO construction. It’s designed to foster creativity and fine motor skills in a playful environment.

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4. Lingokids – Play and Learn

Lingokids offers more than a thousand educational activities, helping children learn while having fun. It covers various subjects, making learning engaging and effective.

5. Toca Boca Jr Hair Salon 4

In this app, kids can express their creativity by styling hair, experimenting with colors, and designing unique looks. It’s a fun and artistic way to play with hair.

6. Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

Step into Barbie’s world and embark on exciting adventures. Kids can dress up, decorate, and explore Barbie’s Dreamhouse in this immersive app.

7. Montessori Preschool, Kids 3-7

Montessori Preschool offers a range of activities that help children learn to read, count, and even introduce them to basic coding. It’s an excellent resource for early education.

8. Smart Tales Preschool Learning

Smart Tales combines fun games with educational content to teach kids maths and reading. It’s tailored for children aged 3 to 7, making learning engaging and age-appropriate.

9. Dino Dino – For kids 4+

Take a journey back in time to play with real dinosaurs. Dino Dino offers a playful way to learn about these prehistoric creatures, suitable for kids aged 4 and up.

10. Archaeologist: Dinosaurs Games

An interactive and educational app that introduces kids to the world of dinosaurs. It’s designed for toddlers and offers a fun and informative experience.

11. Albert Junior

Albert Junior is filled with games and exercises to engage and educate kids. It covers a wide range of subjects, making it a versatile learning tool.

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12. Sago Mini World: Kids Games

Sago Mini World provides a collection of fun games designed for curious kids. It offers a safe and interactive environment for them to explore and play.

13. Fiete World – game for kids 4+

Fiete World allows kids to learn, create, and play with cars and animals. It’s a delightful app for children aged 4 and up.

14. Dr. Panda Town Tales: New Life

Create a world and build stories with Dr. Panda Town Tales. This app encourages creativity and storytelling while providing hours of entertainment.

15. My Little Pony: Harmony Quest

Join the magical adventure in this game designed for girls. Explore, solve puzzles, and engage in activities with beloved My Little Pony characters.

16. Disney Colouring World

Disney Colouring World offers a canvas for kids to draw, paint, color, and sketch their favorite Disney characters. It’s a creative outlet for budding artists.

17. My Little Pony Rainbow Runners

Run, jump, and fly with the beloved My Little Pony characters in this fun-filled game. It’s an exciting adventure for kids of all ages.

18. Kiddopia – Kids Learning Games

Kiddopia features a wide range of ABC games for toddlers. It’s an educational app designed to make learning fun and interactive.

19. Grow Forest

Manage a beautiful forest in Grow Forest, where kids can learn about nature, animals, and the environment. It’s a great app to foster an appreciation for the natural world.

20. Hot Wheels Unlimited

Hot Wheels Unlimited offers a world of fast-paced racing and epic stunts. Kids can design their own tracks and embark on thrilling adventures with Hot Wheels.

These iOS apps for kids open up a world of possibilities for learning and entertainment. With a wide range of subjects and activities, these apps ensure that children can explore, create, and play in an engaging and educational way, right on their iPhone or iPad.

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