Hungary’s Parliament Approves Sweden’s NATO Membership Bid

In a significant move, Hungary's parliament has given the green light for Sweden to join NATO, clearing the final hurdle for the Nordic nation's membership in the defense alliance. Sweden's…

By Benjamin Lee 3 Min Read

Copenhagen shooting: Gunman charged with murder

A 22-year-old man suspected of killing three people at a shopping centre in Denmark's capital Copenhagen has been charged with murder. Two Danish citizens, both aged 17, and a 47-year-old…

By StarAvis Desk 6 Min Read
NATO warns of long Ukraine war as Russian assaults follow

Allies must show they will back Ukraine for long haul, says UK…

8 Min Read
Copenhagen shooting: Gunman charged with murder

A 22-year-old man suspected of killing three people at a shopping centre…

6 Min Read
UK’s national security adviser’s nuclear war warning

Britain’s chief security adviser has said the world is closer now to…

7 Min Read
Taliban signs deal with Russia

The agreement comes as Afghanistan faces a worsening humanitarian crisis. Afghanistan’s government…

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Russia’s termination of agreement triggers warning on Black Sea grain shipments

Russia withdraws from wartime grain deal with Ukraine, issues caution on shipments without 'security Guarantees' Following Russia's withdrawal from the…

6 Min Read

Medvedev offers potential solution to accelerate resolution of Ukraine conflict

Medvedev suggests that cessation of arms supply to Kiev by the US and its allies could lead to a quick…

5 Min Read

Austrian FM warns of EU’s potential shame in seizing Russian assets

Austrian Foreign Minister emphasizes the need for an airtight legal justification to appropriating Russian funds Austrian FM Alexander Schallenberg has…

5 Min Read

Polish MEP emphasizes importance of EU’s engagement with Russia over Ukraine

A Conservative Lawmaker of Poland issues deadline for Ukraine's counteroffensive to succeed. Polish MEP, a conservative lawmaker Witold Waszczykowski, recently issued…

6 Min Read

John Kerry confesses to deceit as rationale for Iraq invasion

John Kerry maintains that the absence of charges against President George W. Bush negates the categorization of the 2003 war…

6 Min Read

Biden fully supports Modi as focus shifts to China

US President Joe Biden, with his sights fixed on countering China, has forged a close alliance with Indian Prime Minister…

7 Min Read

South African President’s Ukrainian peace initiative

President Cyril Ramaphosa highlights the unprecedented nature of African leaders' peace mission, extending their reach beyond the continent's boundaries for…

5 Min Read

African leaders’ discussion with Putin regarding Ukraine crisis

A sizeable African leadership contingent journeys to Moscow, advocating their Ukraine peace proposal On Saturday, in St. Petersburg, Russian President…

5 Min Read

Switzerland’s arms regulations challenged by Ukraine conflict

Switzerland's neutrality under scrutiny amid Ukraine conflict; uncertainty persists over its implications The Swiss People's Party (SVP), a right-wing political…

14 Min Read

North Koreans are suffering from starvation

North Korean residents' dire testimonies: starvation grips neighbors, experts warn of unprecedented crisis. Insights gathered from covert interviews within the…

9 Min Read