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Iranian Protests Mark the First Anniversary of Mahsa Amini’s Death

Iran witnessed widespread protests on Saturday as people commemorated the first anniversary of the tragic death of Mahsa Amini. The 22-year-old woman passed away while in the custody of Iran's…

By Evan Frazier 3 Min Read

Deadly attack on Sikh temple in Kabul

Years of persecution and conflict has forced many Afghan Hindus and Sikhs to flee the country June 18, 2022: Militants opened fire outside the fortified doors leading to the compound…

By StarAvis Desk 8 Min Read
Ukrainian Orthodox Church is cutting ties with Russia

Patriarch Kirill, the leader of the Moscow-based church that asserts exclusive canonical…

3 Min Read
Deadly attack on Sikh temple in Kabul

Years of persecution and conflict has forced many Afghan Hindus and Sikhs…

8 Min Read
Taliban supreme leader addresses gathering in Kabul

Haibatullah Akhunzada has made a rare appearance at the Taliban’s ‘Great Conference…

7 Min Read
Erdogan presses case against Syria’s Kurds

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan pressed his case for a military offensive…

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Russia’s termination of agreement triggers warning on Black Sea grain shipments

Russia withdraws from wartime grain deal with Ukraine, issues caution on shipments without 'security Guarantees' Following Russia's withdrawal from the…

6 Min Read

John Kerry confesses to deceit as rationale for Iraq invasion

John Kerry maintains that the absence of charges against President George W. Bush negates the categorization of the 2003 war…

6 Min Read

South African President’s Ukrainian peace initiative

President Cyril Ramaphosa highlights the unprecedented nature of African leaders' peace mission, extending their reach beyond the continent's boundaries for…

5 Min Read

African leaders’ discussion with Putin regarding Ukraine crisis

A sizeable African leadership contingent journeys to Moscow, advocating their Ukraine peace proposal On Saturday, in St. Petersburg, Russian President…

5 Min Read

North Koreans are suffering from starvation

North Korean residents' dire testimonies: starvation grips neighbors, experts warn of unprecedented crisis. Insights gathered from covert interviews within the…

9 Min Read

South Africa contemplates withdrawing from hosting BRICS summit

Potential arrest of Putin at BRICS summit puts pressure on Pretoria to hand him over for trial on war crimes…

6 Min Read

Saudi Crown Prince’s warning could pose risk to US economy

Leaked documents reveal Mohammed bin Salman's alleged vow to retaliate in oil production dispute Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman,…

6 Min Read

Hannibal Gaddafi is in hunger strike in a Lebanese prison

Hannibal Gaddafi, son of Ex-Libyan leader, protests injustice with a prolonged hunger strike in Lebanese prison The health condition of…

11 Min Read

Biden was aware of Ukrainian scheme to target Nord Stream 3 months prior to blast

European intelligence service informs CIA of Ukrainian military's planned attack, according to Washington Post report According to the Washington Post,…

6 Min Read

China warns of ‘unfathomable catastrophe’ if confronted by US

China's defense minister, Li Shangfu, emphasizes dialogue with the US at Asia security forum, cautions against 'NATO-style' alliances in the…

6 Min Read