New AI-Video Tool Sora from OpenAI Raises Concerns Among Media Creators

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A recent announcement by OpenAI about their new artificial intelligence tool, “Sora,” designed to create short videos from simple text commands, has stirred up concerns and questions within the creative community. OpenAI, renowned for their ChatGPT and DALL-E image generator, unveiled their latest creation, claiming that Sora can quickly generate realistic videos and acknowledging its limitations, such as potential errors like mixing up left and right.

Early reactions from various industries have been mixed:


Examples of videos created by Sora showcased on OpenAI’s website display a wide array of styles and subjects, ranging from realistic drone footage to animated scenes. Thomas Bellenger, founder of Cutback Productions, highlighted the divisive nature of generative AI within the industry, noting that while some view it as groundbreaking, others express skepticism. He emphasized that Sora’s true capabilities remain untested until its release, but regardless, the industry will adapt to the evolving landscape.

Video Games:

The video game industry anticipates both positive and negative impacts from Sora. While some, like Ubisoft, see it as a means to enhance creativity, others, such as Alain Puget from Alkemi, express concerns about potential job displacement. Puget acknowledges the tool’s impressive visuals but believes it won’t fully replace human creativity in game development.

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Truth vs. Fiction:

Experts like Basile Simon and Julien Pain raise concerns about the potential misuse of generative AI, particularly in spreading misinformation. They fear that realistic fabrications created by such tools could erode trust and make it harder for the public to discern truth from fiction, especially in sensitive areas like elections.


In the advertising industry, there’s anticipation about the transformative potential of AI-generated content. Agencies like Fred & Farid foresee a significant portion of brand content being produced by AI, citing its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. However, Stephanie Laporte of OTTA advertising agency believes that while AI will reshape the industry, luxury brands, in particular, will remain cautious, valuing authenticity over automation.

Overall, the introduction of Sora has sparked a mix of excitement, skepticism, and apprehension within various creative fields, prompting professionals to grapple with the potential implications of AI-driven content creation.

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