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Mou Das
Mou Das
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When I was in grade three, I got a little succulent plant. It was my aunt who brought the succulent in a white paper packet from somewhere. She placed the packet on our dressing table, while she was having a chitchat with my mother. I was playing with my wooden doll sitting beside them but my mind was fully inside that white paper bag. The packet was too little to cover the whole plant inside it, so the succulent seemed peeping through the packet. My aunt believed in medicinal things to treat her angry stomach so she got the plant to have some medicine from that helpless succulent. I was feeling so pity for that little plant that I started praying to God, “Please save the little succulent.” I guess God heard me that day. Before leaving, my aunt forgot her medicine, the little succulent. As soon as she left our place, I planted the succulent in a little pot in our veranda and just in a few months, our whole veranda turned into a succulent forest.

I have thousands of stories like this and I guess I prayed to God a thousand times like this to save plants. Now I laugh at myself by thinking about all of my silliness. But I indeed have a great fascination for plants. The same goes for my sister. I have a whole sketchbook where I drew only plants and flowers. When I went home last time, I didn’t forget to bring some plant seeds from Denmark. It is nice having some alien flowers besides our local ones. I knew plants like Cineraria, Petunia are cold weather flowers, therefore there is slim chances to grow them in hot weather countries. But why not experimenting?

I thought touch-me-not or shameplant could hear and talk like human beings when I first saw them in one of my cousin’s friend’s places. The plant looks like a tamarind tree at first glance. But if you notice you will see they have a beautiful violet flower which is quite different than the previous one. I was flabbergasted when I touched them first and suddenly, they drooped down like a living being. The only thing I was murmuring during that time was “What a beautiful magical tree!” I asked my cousin to be sure if what I am seeing is right or wrong? I thought they reacted like that only with me. My heart was broken when I came to know that they react like this to anyone or everyone who touches them. I brought some seeds from my cousin’s friend’s place as they had bountiful of them. When the touch-me-not plants were growing irrepressibly with our basil leaves, I watered and talked with them every day with a heart full of joy.

In this blog I am sharing a few fun facts as well as what kind of plants can be grown at home with less care. Let’s start –

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Money plant:

I guess everyone, either a plant lover or not heard the name money plant. There is a myth about Money plant that they bring peace and prosperity when you plant them at home. To me money plants are the king among all other indoor plants because they fit in everywhere. Office or home, wherever you keep them, they will only enhance the beauty of your surroundings. Money plant has different fancy names like Devil’s Ivy, Pothos, Golden money plant etc. Interestingly, they grow both in soil and water and requires almost no care and less sunlight. However, it is better to change the water if you plant them in water pot. Medium light is perfect for Money plants. Besides, you can wash the leaves sometimes to give a refreshing look to your money plant.


Regarding Myths, cactus is totally the opposite of Money plant. If money plant is seen as positive, Cactus is believed transmit negativity. On the other hand, some believed cactus symbolizes resilience and desperation. If someone gives cactus to someone it means they are resilient and don’t lose their hope in bad times. Now you can have a cactus at home and see what kind of impacts you have from your cactus. For a longer period of time, I knew cactus only grow in desert. But I was wrong. You can have cactus with blooming and bright flowers, just at your home. Unlike money plant, cactus does not grow in water. Cactus does not have any leaf as well, but surprisingly it can retain water in its stem. Though cactus can store water, it still needs water and light to thrive well. At least once a week, water your cactus for better growth.


Succulents are the cutest among all other indoor plant family. Unlike money plant succulents only grow in water. Succulents are cold climate plant. However, I have seen some TikTok videos where people grow succulent in hot humid weather which is praiseworthy. Experts suggest that succulents should be watered only when the soil gets wet. Now let’s reveal some myth about Succulent. It is said that, you can never kill a succulent. I agree, because once you plant them, they keep growing in abundance which can sometimes annoying as it don’t let other plants grow well. However, it is heard that succulent is edible. If you have even tried, let me know.

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By Mou Das
Mou Das is a Bangladeshi student pursuing Master's in English Literature and Culture in Copenhagen.
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