Black Witch

M Masud Hossain Khan
M Masud Hossain Khan - Editor
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The black witch

Have you got to see a witch
Around you musing to Satan
Cooking in a cauldron
Calling all hells breaking upon you?

She might be the demagogue, goddess
Deal maker or deal breaker
Of your endangered goal.

Embodying hellfire she offers
A tightrope to the darkened abyss.

With her evil skinny hands
She writes the fate of
Her poor pitiful playing pups.

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Her servants are dancing puppies
On her witchy palms
Venerating like a primitive goddess
Who can make their
Shaking lifeboat sink or float.

Like a crazy bitch
She’s about to bite
Her sickened pups.

The world is for the villains
And smart outspoken hypocrites
Wandering the earth preaching sermons
Behaving like hydrophobic dogs
Ready to eat your arse
Pinching her sharpened scissors
Into the indolent skin
Of the delightful weakened pups on her devilish palms
Who sing and dance relentlessly to please their mom
Striving to make her forget the power of poisonous teeth.

Life is a snowy mountain
Full of dangerous valleys with scary holes
deceitful, mysterious,
and unpredictable.

It favours crafty evil witches
Internalising the art of
Making their crying puppies dance
On her black ugly hands.

Dhaka, 8 October 2018

Treacherous babe

Treacherous babe allures you
Now and then
Falling for you or goodies
Never know.

She’s a beauty
Short and stout
Glancing gleefully
On her trotting feet.

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You’ve fallen for beauty
And her words
But are futile and fickle
That’s today’s trend.

You’ve trust on money
Not on man
That’s today’s craze
Men and woman alike.

For a party girl
Money is everything
Love is nothing
You may get or go.

You need a cuddle
Which may be a gamble
Take it or leave it
That’s your hurdle.

You have fallen
For a flower
Which is lain
To her stalker.

Dhaka, 10 October 2018


Life is full of joy
Or sorrow?
Is it to help others
Or self-gratification?

Cave is preferred
Or castle?
Primitiveness is wanted
Or modern?

Riding camel is right
Or rocket?
Should you be veggie
Or biting flesh?

Would you be a farmer
Or a techie?
Should you use a cart
Or fossil fuel?

Wanna care your country
Or drive yourself fast?
Religion should be the order
Or philosophy?

Are you into activity
Or leisure?
Do you love village
Or leave for city?

India was better
Or Bangladesh?
Unity was chosen or division?

Smoking and drinking
Or healthy diet?
Addiction is taken
Or remain sober?

Faithfulness is practiced
Or cheating?
Do you love nature
Or concrete?
Do you love peace
Or conflict?

Wanna be carnal
Or philosopher?
Wanna be true
Or a liar?

Wanan keep your life simple
Or make it complex?
Life is traditional
Or bohemian?

Society is equal
Or classified?
Money is everything
Or ideal is there?

Nature is better
Or artificial?

Freedom is ultimate
Or closed mind?
Spirituality is there
Or carnal desire?
Joy is ultimate
Or sorrow?

Ideologue is needed
Or open minded?
Sincerity is there
Or hypocrisy?

Dhaka, 12 Oct 2018

Hey girl!

Hey girl,
What do you want?
Money, magic, might,
Means or melody!

How many drums
Are you beating?
They’re trembling
To their hearts.

Give ‘em some
Peace of mind.
Don’t look for
Own joy only.

Beating would burst
The percussion.
Joy will end
With sorrow.

The goose won’t
Lay you golden
Eggs anymore
If you dissect its belly.

Dhaka, 16 Oct 2018


The world is not fair
Not a place to care;
Muscle and money are things to dare;
Twisted men shine only here.

Crooked mind craves for castle
Twisting threads entangling entourage
Nothing bars to attain the desired cushion
Shrewd players gain the game.

Honesty and fairness are nothing but air.
Doing anything like killing or crime
is nothing but fair in the game of power.
Politics and power are not for the innocence to dare.

Dhaka 27 Nov 2018

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