A Memorable Poetic Potion

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A Memorable Poetic potions
Ivory flesh kissing (symbolic)

A Memorable Poetic potions:

1. First Part

Ivory flesh kissing salacious insatiable fragmented deaths

Without regret collision induced truths fissuring passions prevailing luminaries 

Kissing infernal chaotic cyclones just for that tenuously taunting taut touching 

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Embracing the descension and ascension attuned by loves lingering candlelight 

Invitations invoking the provocative prose solidifying rebirthing riddles 

How it scorched when scarcity came to call but in your belly the greed for me still incinerated all in its path 

Yet even in violence as my limbs renewed from the dew of your departure 

A silenced fleeing for fear overtook your desire to turn to ashes swept in the sunlit moons with thee

Yet I found I didn’t clasp, claw, push, or pull any longer on the chords synchronized in every cell 

For if it is easier for you to dissipate, to cower before the melody, and spew those malicious words at my tell-tale heart 

Was it simplicity to condemn, cruelly crusade, and shove my silhouette away 

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Than for you to welcome my caress 

But if you can smile among clouds spun, sing in hue, and paint yourself so eloquently anew

I released that day all that existed between you and I 

For unconditional love is understanding some stories must unravel in separate books upon differing pages 

I now arise to the future beckoning me, the voices whispering for risky exploration, and to bloom with bellowing spring 

And the forgiveness I found in the structure of merely being human and the clumsy mistakes we all make 

It is there I find solace in chasing my own new beginnings

Celebrating every end 

A Memorable Poetic potions

2. Second Part

Taken aback left dead 

The bullets blading languished lungs 

Pry my heart blemished by necrotizing tissue 

Nothingness fostered as regret mangled festering demons 

That poisoned vein tapped until the ink initiated coercing relief wrought from system shutdown 

All the gnawing at the stem until the cognitive function fired every self-preservation cylinder 

Unreachable, unimpressed, unalive just breathing in the smoke 

Empathy murdered by apathy 

The bloodying metallic taste still clinging to my tongue 

All that laughter as the circuit board catches afire 

War over as withdraw begins anew 

A solitary existence crafted from overwrought cycles of passion that carried the heftiest of prices

All the pins pushed under skin, the brutality, and the verbal arena no longer resound pain nor a whisper 

A Memorable Poetic potions

3. Third Part

I wrote about love 

But neglect nurtured insecure evenings, rage that made bleeding flesh restful, resent rang dehydrated veins, and my heart stuttered uttered steadily 

The overturned tables, screaming matches, spewed acidic insults, intimidation tactics, static shaming, emotional maiming, fists, choking hues of red, blues, and black hues, busted lips scarlet song, resounding silent snubbing, in the dark I sat as it played ring around the Rosie in my demented head

Ignorant, babified, whining, weak, fat ass, rebuking, familiar spirit, baptism idle taunts, narcissistic, whore, fucking bitch, stupid, sorry, lazy, worthless, ugly, cow, moo, worth determined by services rendered, only to be left alone until your sanity was so far gone 

Excommunicated by their holy standards, devil draped in black, sit still, shush, at the high table just shovel in your humiliation, hone your psychological rearranging, can’t overreact, let them prod your essence with torches, forks, and knives to get their full, it will only hurt for a bit 

Cover up, conceal, wear your mask, maintain solidarity in suffering, serve until you burst in betrothed agonies unvoiced, mangle your vocal chords, heal them and allow discarding disregard, turn the other cheek when they batter you breathless, starve for the cause, you won’t get into heaven as they paint you passive aggressive hells 

Walk on eggshells, do as your told, give respect even when you are shown known, screams that make no sound, no man could ever love someone like you, pathetic, you will never go anywhere in life, and your psyche fractures, no shore in sight, so you tuck away as you sob in secret 

A Memorable Poetic potions

4. Fourth Part

Ghosted mourning mayhem on breakfast cigarettes nightmare with trembling fingertips fornicating for false senses of healing 

Overthinking overloading overlooking center stage inner demons at warring playful shedding deathbeds 

Whiskey warranting anti climatic numbing cures by cradling regression and overwhelming mountainous regretting 

Relive reloading replays depleting senses of self-whilst disassociation dissects deliveries of self-inflicting infinities of blame 

Rattling pill bottles, scraping fine lines, building towers of isolation into unknown uncomfortable frigid universes whilst serpentine scales slime flaccid skin in slithering sacrificial letting go of former shells 

What is real and what is make believe for the wretched gardening tentative tending fields of garbage garbling up clarity in a gurgling spell of insanity 

Screaming oxygen slipping away, suffocation sharing shattering  pieces pushed into flaccid veins, accompanying morsels of misfit murmuring 

Picturesque mementos a memorial of permanence to faux beliefs ,my own savagery bore from crackling warped walls, every lie lavishly leeching and bleaching 

Unrecognizable silhouette wavering in a mirror smeared with rank rancid knowing, seeing how deep the flesh can truly swell with wounds, IV of differential deviousness 

Clawing at encroachment to drab draping, drowsiness just pretend peace, walking hallways of hurricane hurting, and as the gas hit it at last 

It torches treason and treasuring, no tantrums, begging and pleading at sharp stones, or yearning for just a scrap of acknowledgment, silences so long came and went, couldn’t convince myself of pleasantries that were just masking bandages for a death of ventricles

Breakdowns, breadcrumbing, dissolutions of faithful hope, and easing out the battering blade that I was never a soulmate just a stop along the way, or seeking strangers who had echoes of traces of my most favored drug, You

Now there is just an abandoned structure, tucked away, don’t have an urge to reread and relive the illusions of the good ole days, staring at a specter so foreign to me now, just a stranger with all my secrets, or staring at a phone for a notification bar that won’t come, crying myself to sleep, or wishing that same fuckery on whom inflicted it, liberating resilience came at a hefty price

Won’t get jealous, have screaming matches, or needing closure of what it was that ordained me the terminology “Not good enough”, wondering where, nor seeking out that hit that gives me a lackluster euphemism pang, finally slammed the door shut, changed the locks, threw away the key that ever allowed any power over me 

Hence, So it gets better once the foundation rots out what gets the head muddled, and the heart caught, wishing well, striving alone, already gone

A Memorable Poetic potions

5. Fifth Part

I watched my strength peeling, dissolving, and dissipating

Darkness dripping demeaning adorned wallpaper color schematics splashing sloshing obsidian hues

Haunting my psychological cell electrified by eccentric stagnation 

My weathering hysteria harboring harbingers of grieving gradual pools 

I bled out with your desiccating corpse cradling withering rancid rose petal paining paints 

Droughts of serotonin and euphoria brushed away in my ashen namesake 

Here in this kingdom of dreaming dreariness dreadfully drudging drugging digging personal demons 

Alive and well in worrisome wearing weathering hells 

My agony my designated designer designation 

Clawing my way through the thickets of transcending father time and the dense vegetation of impulsive thin overdrawn overdrive lines 

Overdosing on the sadness of it all 

I crawl battered, overtly broken, and a shell of sin soaked self-harming 

How well they went about undoing me and yet they failed to glimpse the crimson fence

That only I could obliterate myself the best 

Raw undressed fury fermenting my own pure shores with volatile horror shorts 

A Memorable Poetic potions

6. Sixth Part

I can feel you centermost, equidistant, in sentiments smearing, affixing, and anointing my protoplasm, thew, and corpuscles in all duration upon alabaster, frosted, transparent, immaculate, milk white breastbone bosoms

Entering anatomy bare-skinned, stripped, divested unto your endearment with my quavering lips, tottering shadowy shape, and cherry of Spring awakening awaiting completion for the sensory paroxysm

Skimming every contoured crevice unbound, sultry moon, eclipses neath sheets of satin craving, and echoing of something new humming happy lullabies to my heart, the dark unknowings, Coming and goings of a heart hearkened by both lust, love, and passion

Turn me to ashen bone, lick the destruction we construct as one, darling we are doomed, two crescendos illuminating this circle of hell, doing things in the midnight madness pitch black, running out of time

The desert roses open in blooming blazes, stones weigh our heaving, inter-weaving indifference, so strip me down, and bind my wrists to this bed of temporary nightmarish, fantasy, fucking dreamery

Raven songs, weeping willows, and secretive serenades tear up our whispered liaisons, addicted to every inch of your intricate, intelligent, inner being, so lay me upon this pillowing pillar of diligent dripping phantasm of pleasantry.

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