Starlink Internet Continues Operating in Unlicensed Areas Despite SpaceX Warning

Emma White
Emma White
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Despite SpaceX’s warning last month about shutting Starlink satellite internet service in unlicensed areas, terminals are reportedly reportedly operational in unauthorized places.

Residents in Al-Fashir, North Darfur, Sudan, utilized Starlink connections for communication, citing it as the only means of connecting amidst conflict. Starlink faced criticism after reports surfaced of unauthorized usage in countries like Russia, Yemen, and Venezuela.

Starlink accountholders received emails about the impending shutdown, effective May 1, in unauthorized regions. However, an online poll revealed that many South African users could still access the service post-shutdown. Similarly, some Sudanese customers continued to use Starlink despite warnings.

SpaceX emphasized that Starlink was intended for temporary travel and transit in unlicensed areas, not for permanent use. Users accessing Starlink outside authorized regions for over two months were advised to adjust their account settings or risk service termination.

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Amidst reports of SpaceX nearing a licensing deal to provide Starlink in Yemen, humanitarian organizations in Sudan requested Starlink’s services to remain accessible amid the ongoing conflict. They highlighted the critical role of Starlink internet in supporting emergency services and public facilities in war-affected regions.

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