Biden Unveils Israeli Powerful Proposal to End Gaza War

Evan Frazier
Evan Frazier
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Biden Unveils Israeli: President Joe Biden has urged Hamas to accept a new Israeli proposal to end the conflict in Gaza, emphasizing that “it’s time for this war to end.”

The Three-Part Proposal

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  1. Ceasefire and Withdrawal
    The proposal starts with a six-week ceasefire during which the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) would withdraw from populated areas of Gaza. This phase would allow for a “surge” of humanitarian aid to the region.
  2. Humanitarian Aid and Prisoner Exchange
    The deal includes an exchange of some hostages for Palestinian prisoners. During the ceasefire, 600 trucks carrying aid would enter Gaza daily, easing the humanitarian crisis.
  3. Permanent Peace and Reconstruction
    The final phase aims for a permanent cessation of hostilities and a major reconstruction plan for Gaza, with international assistance to rebuild homes, schools, and hospitals.

Reactions and Responses

  • Hamas Reaction: Hamas has responded positively to the proposal, recognizing its calls for a permanent ceasefire and reconstruction efforts.
  • International Support: UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres have expressed support for the proposal, urging all parties to seize this opportunity for peace.
  • Israeli Stance: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stated that the war will not end until all objectives are achieved, including the return of hostages and the elimination of Hamas’ capabilities. However, he indicated that the plan allows Israel to maintain its principles.

President Biden’s Address

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In his address at the White House, President Biden emphasized the importance of the moment, calling for a “full and complete ceasefire” and the withdrawal of IDF forces. He noted the potential for increased humanitarian aid and stressed the need for all parties to work towards lasting peace. Biden also acknowledged the challenges in the negotiation process but remained optimistic about the proposal’s potential to end the conflict.

Current Situation and Future Steps

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The proposal has been transmitted to Hamas through mediators in Qatar. As civilian casualties in Gaza continue to rise, President Biden faces growing domestic criticism over the US’s support for Israel. Despite the challenges, Biden’s administration remains committed to facilitating negotiations and working towards a peaceful resolution.

Context of the Conflict

The conflict, which began in October, has resulted in over 36,000 deaths in Gaza, according to the Hamas-run health ministry. The war started when Hamas launched an unprecedented attack on Israel, killing approximately 1,200 people and taking 252 hostages.

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The world watches closely as this significant proposal unfolds, hoping for an end to the ongoing violence and a step towards lasting peace in the region.

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