Kaathal – The Core: A Riveting Exploration of Love, Identity, and Political Intrigues

Satya Narayan
Satya Narayan
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Kaathal – The Core, directed by Jeo Baby, is a compelling Malayalam drama that delves into the intricacies of human relationships, societal expectations, and the political landscape. Starring the legendary Mammootty and the talented Jyothika in pivotal roles, the film has garnered critical acclaim for its thought-provoking narrative and powerful performances.

Kaathal – The Core (2023 Film)

Directed by: Jeo Baby

Produced by: Mammootty

Written by: Adarsh Sukumaran, Paulson Skaria

Starring: Mammootty, Jyothika, Raaj Vishwakarma, Muthumani Somasundaran

Cinematography: Salu K. Thomas

Edited by: Francies Louis

Music by: Mathews Pulickan

Production Company: Mammootty Kampany

Distributed by: Wayfarer Films

Release Date (Malayalam): 23 November 2023

Release Date (OTT – Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada): 05 Jan 2024 (Amazon Prime Video)

Running Time: 114 minutes

Country: India

Language: Malayalam

Box Office: est. ₹14.5 crore

IMDb Rating: 8.2

Genres: Drama

Unveiling the Cinematic Gem

Plot Synopsis

The story revolves around Mathew Devassy, portrayed by Mammootty, a retired bank manager leading a seemingly idyllic life with his family. His world turns unexpectedly when he decides to contest the Local Village Body elections. Simultaneously, he discovers that his wife, Omana (played by Jyothika), has filed for divorce, setting the stage for a complex and emotional journey.

The narrative unfolds in a High Court, where Mathew faces shocking revelations about his life. His wife’s allegations lead to a legal battle, bringing to light aspects of Mathew’s identity that were hidden even from himself. As the legal proceedings delve into Mathew’s sexuality, the film skillfully addresses societal prejudices and the challenges faced by individuals embracing their true selves.

Cast and Performances

Mammootty delivers a nuanced and powerful performance as Mathew Devassy, navigating the complexities of a character whose life is suddenly bare. Jyothika, in her return to Malayalam cinema after a twelve-year hiatus, brings depth and authenticity to the character of Omana. The supporting cast, including Sudhi Kozhikode, Pooja Mohanraj, and RS Panickar, contributes significantly to the film’s emotional resonance.

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Themes Explored

Kaathal – The Core is a poignant exploration of love, acceptance, and the consequences of societal expectations. The film bravely confronts the stigma associated with alternate sexualities and challenges the audience to question preconceived notions. It also sheds light on the political landscape as Mathew’s political aspirations become entangled with his struggles.

Critical Acclaim and Awards

Upon its release on 23 November 2023, the film received widespread acclaim from critics and audiences alike. The performances of Jyothika and Mammootty were lauded for their authenticity and emotional depth. Kaathal – The Core was featured at the 54th IFFI Indian panorama section, further solidifying its position as a cinematic gem.

Behind the Scenes

Development and Casting

In August 2022, speculations arose about Jeo Baby directing a film starring Mammootty and Jyothika. Although initially dismissed as a rumor, the project was officially confirmed in late September. The film, produced by Mammootty Kampany, marked Jyothika’s return to Malayalam cinema. The script, crafted by Adarsh Sukumaran and Paulson Skaria, delves into uncharted territories for Jeo Baby, who had previously directed films like The Great Indian Kitchen.


Following a customary pooja ceremony, principal photography commenced on 20 October 2022 in Kochi. The collaborative effort of the cast and crew resulted in a swift filming process, with Mammootty completing his portions by 18 November and Jyothika’s by 20 November. The entire filming process was wrapped up on 22 November 2022, showcasing the efficiency and dedication of the team.

Post-Production and Music

Post-production activities began in late January 2023, emphasizing the meticulous attention to detail given to the film’s final presentation. In March 2023, the acclaimed playback singer K. S. Chithra recorded a song composed by Mathews Pulickan, adding a musical dimension to the film’s emotional depth.

The Cinematic Release

Kaathal – The Core premiered in its Malayalam version on 23 November 2023, captivating audiences with its poignant narrative and stellar performances. The film’s availability in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada languages on Amazon Prime Video from 5 January 2024 extended its reach, making it accessible to a diverse audience.


In conclusion, Kaathal – The Core is a testament to cinema’s power in addressing societal taboos and human vulnerabilities. Jeo Baby’s directorial prowess and exceptional performances by Mammootty and Jyothika elevate the film to a realm of impactful and socially relevant storytelling. As audiences continue to appreciate the film’s exploration of love, identity, and political intricacies, Kaathal – The Core remains a cinematic masterpiece that resonates on multiple levels.

FAQs about Kaathal – The Core

What is “Kaathal – The Core,” and when was it released?

“Kaathal – The Core” is a 2023 Indian Malayalam-language drama film directed by Jeo Baby. It was released on 23 November 2023.

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Who are the prominent cast members of “Kaathal – The Core”?

The main cast includes Mammootty, Jyothika, Raaj Vishwakarma, and Muthumani Somasundaran.

What are the key genres of the film?

The film falls under the drama genre.

Where can one stream “Kaathal – The Core”?

The film is available on Prime Video.

Who wrote and directed “Kaathal – The Core”?

Jeo Baby is both the writer and director of the film.

When was the film officially announced, and when did the principal photography begin?

The film was officially announced in October 2022, and principal photography started in the same month, wrapping up in November 2022.

Who composed the music for “Kaathal – The Core”?

The music for the film is composed by Mathews Pulickan.

What is the running time of “Kaathal – The Core”?

The film has a running time of 114 minutes.

What is the plot of “Kaathal – The Core”?

The film follows Mathew Devassy, a retired bank manager, who runs for the Local Village Body elections after his wife files for divorce, revealing personal and societal challenges.

When was the film released, and how did critics receive it?

“Kaathal – The Core” was released on 23 November 2023, and it opened to positive reviews, with critics praising the performances of Jyothika and Mammootty. It was featured at the 54th IFFI Indian Panorama section.

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