Cartoonist of the Year International Award: Celebrating Creativity and Inspiring Cartoonists Worldwide

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Tor Aloson
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Recognition and appreciation have the power to motivate and inspire individuals to excel in their chosen fields. The Cartoonist of the Year International Award, founded by Arifur Rahman through Toons Mag in 2016, exemplifies this principle. This prestigious award, which has been presented annually, serves as a source of encouragement for cartoonists worldwide. It not only acknowledges their exceptional talent but also acts as a platform for the global community to celebrate and support the art of cartooning.

The Birth of a Creative Initiative

In 2016, Toons Mag introduced the “Cartoonist of the Year” award, marking the beginning of a tradition that would go on to inspire countless artists. Arifur Rahman, the driving force behind this initiative, understood the profound impact that a bit of appreciation can have on an artist’s life. His vision was to motivate and inspire cartoonists from around the world. Little did he know that this vision would turn into a cherished tradition within the global cartooning community.

A Tradition of Recognition and Inspiration

Since its inception, the Cartoonist of the Year International Award has become a treasured tradition within the world of cartooning. Toons Mag has consistently recognized exceptional talent by bestowing this award, adding prestige to the art of cartooning. Year after year, the award not only celebrates outstanding cartoonists but also serves as a source of motivation for both established and budding artists.

The Mechanics of the Award

The process of selecting the Cartoonist of the Year is a democratic one, emphasizing the importance of community involvement. Cartoonists are invited to submit their entries starting from January 5, which marks the beginning of the annual competition. Each cartoonist can submit their five best works for consideration.

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On April 1, the voting phase commences. This is where the global audience comes into play. People from around the world have the opportunity to cast their votes for their favorite cartoons. The power is in the hands of the public to decide which artists should be celebrated.

The works receiving the most votes automatically enter the top 10 lists. These top 10 cartoons represent diverse styles, themes, and artistic perspectives, reflecting the broad range of talent within the field. The competition is fierce, and the selection process truly reflects the audience’s preferences.

The anticipation reaches its peak at the end of each year, on December 16. The Cartoonist whose work holds the top position in the public vote is declared the winner. This moment is a testament to the art world’s power of recognition and appreciation. The Cartoonist of the Year International Award winner is announced, and their name is etched into the annals of cartooning history.

The Arifur Rahman Fund: Sustaining Creativity

The prize money for the Cartoonist of the Year International Award is provided by the Arifur Rahman Fund. This fund plays a pivotal role in supporting and sustaining the creative spirit of cartoonists. It is not merely about acknowledging talent; it’s about supporting artists who often work tirelessly to bring their unique visions to life.

The Arifur Rahman Fund is a testament to the belief that art and creativity deserve financial backing and recognition. Cartoonists who receive this award gain prestige and financial support that can further their artistic pursuits. This fund acts as a safety net for artists, allowing them to focus on their craft without financial worries.

Submission and Nomination

Aspiring cartoonists, as well as seasoned professionals, are welcome to submit their cartoons for nomination. The Cartoonist of the Year International Award is an open platform that encourages artists from all walks of life to share their creativity and connect with a global audience. The act of submitting their work is a significant step toward recognition and appreciation.

The Impact of the Cartoonist of the Year International Award

The Cartoonist of the Year International Award goes beyond mere recognition. It has a profound and lasting impact on the cartooning community and the art world. Here are some of the significant effects and contributions of this award:

  1. Inspiration: The award serves as a wellspring of inspiration for cartoonists, encouraging them to strive for excellence in their craft. It showcases the heights that can be reached through dedication and creativity.
  2. Global Platform: Toons Mag provides a global platform for cartoonists to share their work. Being part of the award means gaining exposure to a worldwide audience, which can be a game-changer for artists seeking wider recognition.
  3. Financial Support: The financial backing from the Arifur Rahman Fund is a lifeline for many cartoonists. It allows them to continue their work and invest in their artistic development, ultimately fostering creativity.
  4. Community Building: The annual award fosters a sense of community among cartoonists. It brings them together, providing a shared platform to celebrate their artistry and discuss the evolving world of cartoons. This sense of belonging is essential for artists, as it provides a support system.
  5. Celebration of Diversity: The diverse range of entries and styles that make it to the top 10 list each year showcases the richness of cartooning as an art form. It celebrates the varied perspectives and themes that artists explore through their work, promoting diversity in art.
  6. Promotion of Free Expression: Cartooning is often a tool for social and political commentary. By celebrating the Cartoonist of the Year, the award indirectly promotes the importance of free expression and the power of visual communication.


The Cartoonist of the Year International Award, initiated by Arifur Rahman through Toons Mag, is a testament to the transformative power of recognition and appreciation. It inspires established and emerging cartoonists to reach new heights in their artistic endeavors. This award, made possible by the Arifur Rahman Fund, not only celebrates outstanding talent but also sustains the creativity of artists, making it a vital part of the global cartooning community. As it continues to evolve and inspire, the Cartoonist of the Year International Award remains a beacon of artistic excellence and encouragement for cartoonists worldwide. In a world where creativity knows no bounds, this award is a shining example of how recognition and support can nurture the talents of artists, fostering a global community of cartooning enthusiasts.

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