Your Financial Success, 5 Essential Tools to Optimize

Tor Aloson
Tor Aloson
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Achieving your personal finance goals and managing your money effectively can be challenging. However, you can maximize your financial potential and reach your objectives with the right tools and strategies. In this article, we’ll explore five essential tools to help you streamline your finances and make the most of your money.

Automated Expense Management

A recent Experian survey revealed that 66% of Americans actively seek ways to cut monthly expenses. To simplify this process, consider using an all-in-one solution that automates bill management. While some individuals use mental calculations or spreadsheets, automation offers a hassle-free approach. Experian, known for credit score improvement, also provides tools to save on auto insurance, cable bills, and credit card selection. The key here is automated bill negotiation, which can lead to significant savings.

Explore Property Investment

While high-yield savings accounts like the one Apple offers can be appealing, there are opportunities for greater returns. Real estate investment trusts (REITs) can be a viable option, but for more control and potential returns, consider purchasing 2 to 4-unit rental properties. A 20% down payment allows others to pay off your mortgage over time, providing a reliable source of income. Ensure you research recently sold properties to avoid spikes in property taxes.

Leverage Easier Access to Loans

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Despite concerns about interest rates, obtaining a loan has never been easier. Digital lending platforms like MeridianLink, in collaboration with PortX and ZestAI, have streamlined the lending process. This partnership enables banks and credit unions to offer faster decisions, resulting in up to a 25% increase in approval rates. So, if you require a loan, explore these digital lending options.

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Efficiency Tools for Independent Work

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With an increasing number of independent workers in the U.S., efficiency tools are essential. Invoicing and payment platforms like Wave save time and accelerate your cash flow. These tools often come with advisors who can help you set pricing strategies and maximize your earnings. Additionally, don’t shy away from using AI-based budgeting tools like Cleo, Monarch, and Mint to optimize your finances.

Streamline Payments and Keep Data Secure

Self-employed individuals often find payment processing complicated, but tools like Dwolla’s Connect simplify the process. Dwolla’s Connect offers a bank-agnostic approach that enables seamless payment transfers, eliminating the need to wait for extended payment periods. Additionally, it’s essential to prioritize the security of your financial data, and financial institutions, along with cybersecurity partners like Calian, work diligently to protect sensitive information.

Uncover Hidden Financial Opportunities

Sometimes, there’s money available that you didn’t even know existed. Tools like Cleer can guide you through tax season and help identify efficiency opportunities. In 2023, programs are still available to assist small businesses and consultants impacted by the pandemic, such as the employee retention credit (ERC), which can provide significant benefits.

Seek Trustworthy Financial Advice

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In the era of social media and information overload, it’s crucial to consider the source of financial advice. While many influencers offer advice, their motivations may not always align with your best interests. Look for reliable sources of financial guidance like Erin Lowry, Tonya B. Rapley, or Winnie Sun, who provide honest and helpful advice without ulterior motives.

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Managing your finances effectively requires the right tools and strategies. By automating expense management, exploring property investment, leveraging easier access to loans, using efficiency tools, streamlining payments, uncovering hidden financial opportunities, and seeking trustworthy financial advice, you can maximize your financial success and work towards achieving your financial goals. Remember, a well-informed and strategic approach to finance can lead to a more secure and prosperous future.

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