Salsa AS: Pioneering a One-Woman Publishing Venture Redefining Literary Landscapes

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Cesilie Tanderø stands as a bold testament to the power of determination, vision, and an unwavering passion for literature in a realm dominated by giants. As the Writer, Founder and Publisher of Salsa AS, she has orchestrated a remarkable journey in publishing, transforming her dreams into reality through sheer will and creativity. A trailblazer in her own right, Tanderø’s approach has redefined the publishing landscape with a distinctive emphasis on personal touch and quality.

Cesilie Tanderø. Photo: Kjell Gripstad
Cesilie Tanderø. Photo: Kjell Gripstad

With a vision fueled by “Dream, Courage, and Will,” Cesilie Tanderø embarked on her journey, epitomizing the spirit of a modern-day entrepreneur. Salsa AS, a one-woman publishing house, has established its foothold by acquiring professional services at every stage of the publishing process. From professional quality assurance to language refinement, proofreading, illustration, design, printing, and distribution, Salsa AS ensures an excellent end product.

A testament to Salsa AS’s commitment to literary excellence is the series “LE DONNE – women and the City.” Divided into three parts traversing Venice, Rome, and Sicily, this travelogue encapsulates the author’s personal experiences, insightful interviews with contemporary women, and narratives drawn from the past – stories of goddesses, sirens, and nymphs. These stories bridge the gap between the past and present, inviting readers to be fully present in their own lives and immerse themselves in the rich cultures of these cities.

Readers have praised the series, their voices echoing a chorus of admiration. From the enchanting canals of Venice to the historic streets of Rome and the vibrant landscapes of Sicily, each installment has garnered accolades. “A lovely book!”, “Thoughtful and alive,” “Very inspiring!” – these sentiments resound, highlighting the genuine impact of Salsa AS’s creations.

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Author and journalist Kristin Flood, who traversed the labyrinthine alleys of Venice, expressed her admiration, stating, “An incredible job you have managed to complete. The book stands like a stake. The text works. The ladies’ bouquet is nicely composed. The details in the design make reading a breeze.”

As readers travel from one city to another through Salsa AS’s publications, it becomes evident that Cesilie Tanderø’s journey is far more than a solitary venture – a bridge connecting literature, history, and culture. With a heart committed to storytelling, Tanderø’s Salsa AS continues to inspire, captivate, and redefine how we experience literature.

If you’ve embarked on this literary journey with Salsa AS or wish to share your thoughts, the doors of communication are open. Email to let your voice join the chorus of those touched by the magic of storytelling.

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