Eight habits for a healthy living

Tamanna Jahan
Tamanna Jahan
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Eight habits for healthy living

Living in a busy world with so much always going on can be frustrating and disappointing at times. Even with a busy schedule, have you ever realized whether there are few (eight) habits that can be maintained to remain healthy? Yes, there is a solution. So, what are some of the habits that can be followed to remain healthy.

  1. Proper diet: One of the most efficient ways of living is to maintain a proper diet. Eating healthy not only gives you energy but also a proper mindset to function. Eating healthy also gives you all the nutrients that you would need to function. Besides, proper diet and sufficient intake of fluids are also important. Diet can vary from person to person and regardless of what you enjoy most, maintaining proper food habits are a crucial part of life.
  2. Day to day routine: Day to day routine varies from people to people, but it is important to understand that maintaining a proper day to day routine is important. For example, if you are a student, you have a certain kind of lifestyle. Next if you are an employee then you would have another kind of lifestyle. Next, if you are an elderly person then you would have another kind of lifestyle. No matter which stage of life you are in if you can properly maintain your routine then you can live healthy.
  3. Sufficient sleep: Getting enough sleep is another important step to a healthy living. Sleeping enough hours and waking up early or not sleeping late hours will not only give you longevity but also keep you energetic throughout the day. Insufficient sleep can lead to dangerous health hazards such as depression, high blood pressure, diabetes or stroke. Sleeping enough hours is determined by an individual. So, taking time out from your schedule and getting enough sleep is important.
  4. Exercise routine: Now exercise routine can vary from person to person. This depends on an individual’s health, height or weight. Regardless of whatever your body type is, a proper exercise routine can help. It does not have to be too heavy, just what works for you might be good enough. I would recommend to consult a fitness trainer before going into too heavy exercises.
  5. Avoid too much alcohol: While heavy drinking can sound fun and interesting, consuming too much of it is not at all good. People can face a lot of health problems – problems such as heart disease, stroke, liver problems, weakening of immune system, cancer in various body parts and much more. You might also have a loss of memory or vision. Maintaining a limit to it is fine but definitely not heavy.
  6. Relationship with significant other: Often times, we depend on our significant other for many things. This is totally fine but at the same time you might want to rethink if this is what the other person wants too or is he or she is ok with it. Compromise and sacrifice can lead to stronger relationships but not many people might be into it either. So, it is important to discuss and see how your relationship is with your significant other. If there is something that doesn’t seem right then obviously it is time for change! On the other hand, if everything is fine with both of you then you are well and good.
  7. Environment and surroundings: Most of the time, we tend to forget how our environment is or how people are beside us. It is important to note that surrounding with right group of people is important, as they can help you make informed decisions and help with other things when you need them. On the other hand, if your environment or surroundings is not good then you might have a tough time living in that area. So, it is important to look into this matter.
  8. Self-time: Last but not least, make time for yourself! Often times, we are so busy with family and taking care of them or looking after them and so on, that we tend to forget about ourselves. In this type of situation, it is important to take some time out of your schedule and keep for yourself. Do things that make you happy. Things like – maybe spending some quality time with your friends or listening to an uplifting music. Music helps to reduce anxiety and improves mood, sleep quality or memory. Going to the spa, gym or travel to your favourite destination or reading a novel could also be some other ways to get energized and keep you mentally strong.

So, there you have it. We have discussed all of the eight habits towards a healthy living. There could be more or there could also be less, but regardless of how many there are it all depends on your situation, your lifestyle and how you take things. I think following each of them or whichever works for you can be an efficient way to make a living better.

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Tamanna Jahan is an Educator, Author, Business Owner and a Model. Previously she has completed her Master's degree in Educational Leadership from Minnesota State University Mankato, USA.
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