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Mahatma Gandhi with Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. (Photo courtesy: National Gandhi Museum)

(Following is an unsigned article published in the English organ of the Azad Hind Government as mentioned before, sometime in 1944. There is every reason to believe that it was drafted by Subhas Chandra, as we find a lot of similarities in thought and language with those used by him in his number of previous articles. Along with unity and sacrifice and fraternity, he preached for ‘love’ all the time, which means love to people, love to mankind. When we love something then we render also our confidence upon that thing, we sow seeds of life within it, and that is a power that someone may call supernatural, or God, or what Netaji meant so say people. Subhas Chandra had neither any form of loyalty to any religious sect nor he was against any religious faith, but his army was constituted by the people of different religious colours with the right to worship according to their customs. Thereby Subhas Chandra has had to formulate the way for loving the people and the country first, and thereafter religious faith. This unique ‘Constitution’ may be titled also as ‘How to be a good Cadre’ or ‘How to be a good Patriot’ or so.)

From time immemorial man has looked up to some Supernatural Power for strength, courage and determination in times of distress and sorrow. And in times of peace and happiness he has tried to understand the Creator, himself and of the universe around him. Different names have been applied to this Power by different people. But the vast majority of the civilized people have accepted this Power as God. We begin to realize the existence of the Creator God – when we begin to contemplate the marvelous universe around us, when we consider its magnificence and beauty and when we consider the regularity of the Laws and Nature that are constantly working in and around us. We begin to realize God when we see and experience His All-permeating Love and Grace. Without His Love, without His Grace, without His Mercy, man cannot live happily.

All over the world the vast masses of population worship God in some form or other. Some meditate upon him through images, pictures, some try to meditate on this supernatural power or being, while others try to concentrate their minds on a God who is formless. Whatever may be the line of approach towards Him, and whatever may be the religious denomination to which a person belongs the essential fact remains that all have accepted that there is a God. He is the fountain head of everything. He is the creator, protector and destroyer of all living and dead material. God is Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient. The whole universe is within Him and He is pervading all living or dead, and all good or evil. God is great. He is Infinite, but He can manifest Himself, through the finite and yet he is not limited by time and space. He is Eternal. He is merciful and responds to true and determined human prayers. Ordinarily he is beyond the reach of the senses and yet He has been perceived and even seem by Supermen whom some call as Incarnations or Prophets. There is no doubt that through deep and regular meditation one gets that balance and peace of mind which is not ordinarily obtainable – and through such concentrated and sustained meditation the Supermen realized and sustained meditation the Supermen realized God. We too should devote a part of our time every day in courage, confidence, balanced judgment, love, happiness and peace. We should do all we can to keep that ideal as a living force.

The relationship between God and Man may be as sweet as that between a father and son, between a friend and friend, between a lover and the beloved. Whenever one wants to do anything, one should meditate upon Him and try to get an answer from Him for that purpose. If sufficient concentration is exercised during the meditation, He responds to our prayers at the right movement. We must revere and love God.

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We should certainly act and do things but we should never do it for a selfish motive and in every case, we should leave the fruit of action for Him to decide. It is a well-known fact that God helps those who helps themselves. One cannot get God’s blessings by doing nothing. One must think and act rightly at the right time. Then we would be able to see the beautiful unfolding of His Grace which will give us peace and happiness.

God is the ideal of life. He is man’s guide and philosopher. In order to relieve distress, destroy the evil and protect the noble. He has manifested Himself at different times and in different parts of the World.

Man is the best creation of God. God is present everywhere and so is present in every individual. As God loves all His creation it is the essential duty of man to love his fellow beings without restriction of caste or creed. If one truly reveres and loves God, one must love humanity too. Through love of humanity and acting on that principle, men can achieve great results, and reach to very great heights. It is also a well-known fact that ‘Love conquers all’. A person may hate you but if you go on loving him returning good for evil, a time must come when normally he should respond to your sense of love. Love should be the basis of all our actions towards humanity. In spite of troubles, strife and wears, we see all around us in the World the manifestations of His love and feel that that love is all permeating. It is up to us to love our own fellow beings, do all we can to relieve their misery and help them to have a better life, physically, mentally and spiritually. This could only be achieved through love of humanity.


Discipline means instinctive obedience to laws that related to an individual and acting in conformity to them at the proper time and place.

Discipline for the soldier means implicit obedience o laws and rules and upholding the honour of the Army, irrespective of the fact whether a senior office is present or not at the time.

Discipline is the foundation of the Army’s efficiency.

A true soldier is one who is really imbued with the spirit of strictest discipline. With him discipline is instinctive.

Discipline is the foundation for success.

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Discipline is essential for all.

Discipline must be observed not merely by the soldier, but by us all in our day-to-day life. In short it should regulate our life.

Discipline cannot be acquired at movement’s notice. It has to be instilled and practiced from day to day and wherever occasion arises. It depends upon the Father, Mother, the Teacher and the Commander how they instill the spirit of discipline into those who are under their care. Good personality and courteous but firm behaviour on their part will go a long way in instilling discipline even amongst the rough and the uncouth. But to a great extent the ultimate practice of discipline depends largely upon the individual himself particularly when he is grown up. If the foundation of character is laid down in childhood, properly by the parents and teacher and if the child comes from a good stock, imbibing of the spirit of discipline and carrying it out into practice, will be comparatively easier than if the case was just the opposite. Still by constant and intensive training and by courteous and firm handling, a rough stone as an untrained or uneducated person is, can be made good and polished to shine like a brilliant gem, as an accomplished person should be.

A well-disciplined Army, can achieve marvels in face of heavy odds. Examples of such achievements are present throughout the period of human history. It was the well-disciplined army of Nippon which conquered 203 Metre Hill in the siege of Port Arthur against stupendous difficulties. It was the well-disciplined army of Nippon which won the battle of Mukden against a much larger Russian Force. Similarly, it was the sense of discipline which enabled small groups of Rajputs and Mahrattas to fight against heavier odds. It was this spirit of discipline which enabled Chand Bibi to defend her Fortress successfully.

In a struggle like that of ours, success can only be achieved when every single individual is instilled with the spirit of discipline individually as well as collectively until it becomes almost instinctive. Therefore, every individual must be individually taken care of in this respect, just as the smallest part of a machinery, say of a factory, has got to be carefully looked after in order that the whole installation may work smoothly.


  • Always speak truth, a liar is never respected.
  • Always uphold the honour of the Army.
  • A man must exercise initiative and determination in his work.
  • Always respect the honour of those who are under your protection.
  • All lawful commands must be obeyed.
  • Be loyal to your senior.
  • Be punctual. Never be late on your work.
  • Discharge your duties faithfully.
  • Exercise daily.
  • First obey and then you will learn how to command.
  • Give up your seat for a senior or a lady when in gathering or in a conference.
  • Give credit to your leader for any achievements in an action, no matter how much you may have done.
  • Have confidence in yourself.
  • Keep secrets closely guarded.
  • Keep your appointments.
  • Loyalty and co-operation leads to success.
  • Maintain strict self-discipline. This is the foundation of success in life.
  • Make Unity, Faith and Sacrifice your life’s motto.
  • Obey orders implicitly and carry them out intelligently.
  • Respect the honour of a woman like that of Your mother.
  • Resist temptation manfully. If you are unable to resist, get away from the temptation.
  • Trust in God and do the right.
  • When travelling in a tram car or bus, give up your seat for an elderly man, woman or child. Never rush.
  • When there are large number of people to get something, say tickets in the railway station, or cinema, stand in a queue.
  • Don’t betray confidence.
  • Don’t discuss your seniors. This is bad discipline. Remember, if you do, you too may be discussed by your subordinates.
  • Don’t get drunk and make a fool of yourself. Alcohol is neither a food nor a necessity.
  • Don’t relax until you have achieved your objective and have consolidated it.
  • Don’t hesitate to admit a mistake. It will show up courage and character.
  • Don’t express disagreement in a gathering or conference against your leader. If you have divergence of views, settle it up with him first.
  • Don’t break up a queue and rush forward.
  • Never dishonour yourself; death is preferable.
  • Never lose your character. A characterless man is dangerous and is a disgrace.
  • Never put off till to-morrow that you can do to-day. Remember a stitch in time saves nine.
  • Never vacillate. Vacillation is the death knell to success.

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