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Biden Hints Netanyahu is Prolonging Gaza War for Political Survival

US President Joe Biden suggested in an interview published Tuesday that Israeli…

7 Min Read

Netanyahu and far right allies win Israeli election

Former PM Benjamin Netanyahu set to form a government and seal a…

4 Min Read

Biden Unveils Israeli Powerful Proposal to End Gaza War

Biden Unveils Israeli: President Joe Biden has urged Hamas to accept a…

3 Min Read

Biden commits to Israel’s security on his Middle East tour

After the visit, a communique titled ‘Jerusalem Declaration’ will reaffirm Israel’s right…

6 Min Read

How Islamist lawmaker Mansour Abbas has shaken up Israeli politics

Pragmatic politician’s historic move to bring his Ra’am faction into the government…

9 Min Read

Israel’s ruling coalition teeters on collapse

The defection of a key lawmaker has left PM Naftali Bennett’s government…

2 Min Read