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Star Wars: The Iconic American Space Saga

George Lucas's Epic Creation That Transcended Generations Star Wars, an iconic American

6 Min Read

Tristan Thompson: A Canadian-American Professional Basketball Player

Tristan Thompson is a prominent Canadian-American professional basketball player who has made

12 Min Read

Pakistani-American defends Israel visit amid criticism back home

Delegation prompts fierce outcry in Islamabad, with one participant getting fired from

5 Min Read

Bangladeshi-American Durreen Shahnaz now on Forbes 50 Over 50 list

Earlier, she was honoured with the Oslo Business for Peace Award in

6 Min Read

Spanish Language

Spanish (español or lengua española) is a Romance language with its roots

12 Min Read

Your Financial Success, 5 Essential Tools to Optimize

Achieving your personal finance goals and managing your money effectively can be

5 Min Read

Hollywood’s Lessons from Barbie: A Cultural Conundrum

Randall Park's Insights on the Success of Greta Gerwig's Barbie Movie and

6 Min Read

The History of Tea: The Rise of Tea in the Western World

From China to the World: How Tea Spread Across Continents Tea, one

24 Min Read

Art of coaching and insights from legendary sport coaches

Coaching plays a vital role in sports, and influential coaches often stand

5 Min Read

The History of Coffee: Tracing the Evolution of a Beloved Beverage

Unearthing the Ancient Roots of Coffee: The History of Coffee Coffee, the

27 Min Read

Bolivia: Discover the Rich Culture and Natural Beauty 

Introduction to Bolivia: A Land of Diversity and Contrasts Bolivia, located in

11 Min Read

Biden fully supports Modi as focus shifts to China

US President Joe Biden, with his sights fixed on countering China, has

7 Min Read

Saudi Crown Prince’s warning could pose risk to US economy

Leaked documents reveal Mohammed bin Salman's alleged vow to retaliate in oil

6 Min Read

Cancer patients’ surge poses global challenge, experts caution

Global healthcare systems must brace for surge of older cancer patients, doctors

7 Min Read

China warns of ‘unfathomable catastrophe’ if confronted by US

China's defense minister, Li Shangfu, emphasizes dialogue with the US at Asia

6 Min Read