Hasan Mahmud

Researcher, author and speaker on Human/Women Rights in Islam and veteran activist against radical Islam. • Founding Member, MRM (Muslim Reform Movement). • Former board member of World Muslim Congress and Director of Sharia Law, Muslim Canadian Congress. • Speaker on Sharia law in many conferences and media in Asia, Europe, US and Canada. • Author of 4 Docu-Movies on Sharia law shown in Islamic conferences; some are subtitled in Arabic, Turkish and Malay language. • Author of the book – “How Sharia Hijacked Islam”. • About a thousand articles on Human/Women Rights in Islam. Award: • “Radical Free Villages” – the movement of Muslims Facing Tomorrow received award from Hakkani Mission, an Islamic organization. • Hasan Mahmud is leading the “Radical Free Villages”, an award-winning movement in Bangladesh villages launched by Muslims Facing Tomorrow (Canada). The movement created many Radical-Free villages and was reported in the International Business Times UK: http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/boko-haram-isis-islam-radical-free-village-movement-breaks-myth-that-sharia-law-allahs-law-1453863 Email: hasan@hasanmahmud.com
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Islam and radical Islam

What is Radical Islam? Islam was not hijacked by the birth of Muslim Brotherhood in 1928. Islam was not hijacked…

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