Harnessing the Power of Fear: 8 Strategies for Personal Success

Fear is a natural and instinctual emotion that often carries a negative connotation. However, when harnessed and channeled appropriately, fear can become a potent catalyst for personal growth and success.

By Tor Aloson 25 Min Read

Biden fully supports Modi as focus shifts to China

US President Joe Biden, with his sights fixed on countering China, has forged a close alliance with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, disregarding any reservations about Modi's authoritarian tendencies and

By StarAvis Desk 7 Min Read
War lat­est up­dates:The nuclear nightmare that almost took out the East Coast

Iranian Protests Mark the First Anniversary of Mahsa Amini’s Death

Iran witnessed widespread protests on Saturday as people commemorated the first anniversary of the tragic death of Mahsa Amini. The 22-year-old woman passed away while in the custody of Iran's

By Evan Frazier 3 Min Read
South African President’s Ukrainian peace initiative

President Cyril Ramaphosa highlights the unprecedented nature of African leaders'

5 Min Read
African leaders’ discussion with Putin regarding Ukraine crisis

A sizeable African leadership contingent journeys to Moscow, advocating their

5 Min Read
North Koreans are suffering from starvation

North Korean residents' dire testimonies: starvation grips neighbors, experts warn

9 Min Read
South Africa contemplates withdrawing from hosting BRICS summit

Potential arrest of Putin at BRICS summit puts pressure on

6 Min Read

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