Sri Lanka’s economy has collapsed, unable to buy oil, says PM

Sri Lanka's debt-laden economy has "collapsed" after months of shortages of food, fuel and electricity, its prime minister told lawmakers

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Gender parity is now 132 years away

The Covid-19 pandemic has aggravated the gap, the World Economic

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Finland becomes 31st member of the NATO

Formal accession nearly doubles the NATO border with Russia, as

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Sudan’s violence escalates

Neither side shows any willingness to heed appeals from the US, UK, African Union, and Arab states as the death

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Orban calls for European Parliament to be dissolved

Russia's full-scale invasion in Ukraine "only had losers so far", Hungary's prime minister said on

Medvedev warns of nuclear war

Former Russian leader and Putin ally warns Ukraine’s Western allies ahead of a key meeting

Cancer patients’ surge poses global challenge, experts caution

Global healthcare systems must brace for surge of older cancer patients, doctors warn. The medical

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Japan launches $320bn defence spending

The plan will see the country become the world’s third biggest military spender, after the

By StarAvis Desk

Netaji’s Vision: Subhas Chandra Bose

Though it may be somewhat premature to give a detailed plan of reconstruction, we might

By StarAvis Desk

China’s foreign minister warns US of crossing ‘red line’

Wang Yi accuses the US of ‘salami slicing’ tactics and ‘bullying’ in a call with

By StarAvis Desk