• Heirs and heiresses

    In the United States, around 1 million dogs are primary beneficiaries of their owner’s will. This isn’t difficult to believe since dogs are one of the most loyal companions you can acquire, and many owners consider them to be a genuine member of their family. The largest inheritance recorded to have been left to a […]

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    20 Things You Didn’t Know About Dogs

    All animals in the animal kingdom are special and unique in their own ways; however, everyone knows man’s best friend is ultimately the dog. With their incredibly intelligent characteristics and their humorous antics, it’s impossible to not love the furry canines. Dogs are so much more than just a companion. In fact, there are a […]

  • The mystery of the chase-the-tail madness

    Ever wonder why your pup chases his tail? There’s actually a good reason to that seemingly pointless habit. The circular motion flattens tall grass in the wild and turns it into a cozy bed for them. However, if you’re not outside the furry little pup may be chasing his tail because of mere fascination in […]

  • Biblical dog

    While all dog breeds are individually special, the Greyhound is particularly unique as it is the only dog named by name in the entire Bible. In some translations of Proverbs 30:31, scholars translate the verse to read, “the greyhound, the male goat also; and the king against whom there is no rising up.” MoreReport Item […]

  • Dogs can get the hiccups

    Dogs, like humans, can get hiccups from eating or drinking too fast due to swallowing a large volume of air. Feelings of anxiety, fear, stress, and even excitement can also trigger hiccups for dogs. Some experts believe that the hiccups can actually relieve the gases that can build up in a dog’s stomach, benefiting them […]

  • Dogs are guiltless

    Regardless of how it appears, your dog does not feel guilt. According to Barnard College researcher Alexandra Horowitz, the “guilty look” your dog gives you has more to do with your perception than his intention. MoreReport Item navigation Previous submission Next submission View full list

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    The Best Anime Of All Time

    The Best Anime Of All Time

    In the world of anime, nothing is impossible, and if you’re willing to try hard to achieve your goals, you will eventually make it. Unlike American cartoons, pretty often (if not always) the best anime has lots of depth, and there’s always a deeper meaning you can discover. There are millions of anime fans worldwide, […]

  • One-Punch Man

    One-Punch Man follows a hero who can end all his fights with a single punch, and that gets him frustrated. Now you might be thinking, what’s so interesting about that? Don’t you want to see the hero struggling to kill his enemy? Well, not this time. Here you will see a super-overpowered hero struggling to […]

  • Rurouni Kenshin: Wandering Samurai

    This fantastic series focuses on the adventures of a young wandering swordsman who stumbles upon a struggling martial arts school in Meiji-era, Japan. So, if dramatic characters, great sword-fighting action scenes, a bit of history (the story takes place in the 1870’s), and some philosophizing about living a life of violence versus peace intrigues you, […]

  • Akame ga Kill!

    According to reviews, it’s quite possible you will find its first couple of episodes boring, but as the story unfolds, it becomes one of the most captivating fighting anime you may ever see. The story focuses on a country boy named Tatsumi who sets out on a journey to the Capital to make a name […]

  • Psycho-Pass

    Psycho-Pass is a smart series that deeply analyzes free will and whether or not a person’s “hue,” when cloudy, can determine if they will become a threat to society. Using a special weapon known as the Dominator, detectives are able to continuously read and send psychological data to determine a person’s crime coefficient. Depending on […]

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