Parklife – how does Blur's album sound 20 years on?

Blur in 1994, three months after the release of Parklife. Photograph: Paul Bergen/Redferns
Parklife, Blur's third studio album, was released 20 years ago this Friday. A huge critical and commercial success, it sold a huge number of copies and, for good or ill, gave birth to Britpop.
To mark its 20th anniversary, we thought it was about time to give Parklife another listen. Writing about the album earlier this month, Alexis Petridis said it continues to sound "artful, diverse and remarkably fresh" – but do you agree?
We'd like to hear your thoughts on how well Parklife has aged. Using the form below, tell us how the album sounds to you on it's 20th birthday. Is it unmistakably of its time? Does listening to it today offer anything more than a nostalgia trip? Perhaps you've never heard it before – if so, give us your first impressions.
We'll publish a selection of responses later this week.
• As a (voluntary) supplementary question – tell us about your favourite song from the Britpop era.
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